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Step into the “EFT ZONE”

Free Yourself with the Emotional Freedom TechniqueTM
Wednesday, 6-7:30 pm, October 13

EFT Research has shown that it is possible to transform and work with negative beliefs, fears, phobias, self-esteem, self-sabotage, anxiety, performance issues, as well as depression, physical and emotional traumas, chronic pain, weight, addictions, PTSD and more.

Let’s Get Tapping! It is fun, fast, and effective!

• Be empowered, energized and relaxed!
• Learn easy tapping points for vitality and success that work with key energy points.
• Apply the EFT self-empowering practice immediately.
• Learn how EFT effectively bypasses the “ANXIETY” alarm bell.
• Reprogram the “subconscious saboteur.”
• Reclaim your gifts and talents and maximize your potential!

“Hands-On the Toes”

Toe Touch Relaxation
Wednesday, 6-7:30 pm, November 3rd

Toe Touch Relaxation also known as the Brazilian Toe Technique is based on points used in reflexology to ground, clear and move toxins. This is being used at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

In addition to reducing stress and relaxing the whole body, this modality will …

• Calm the nervous system
• Heal neuropathy
• Alleviate insomnia, restless leg syndrome, edema, nausea
• Balance the body polarities
• Mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation

Care for the Caregiver – Holiday Gift to Yourself!

How to Nurture Yourself as Your Care for Others
Wednesday, 6-7:30 pm December 8th

As you step into the demands of nurturing others with your passion and training, it is important to practice your own self-care. Let’s look at easy, effective and time-efficient ways to support and enhance your life force as you assist others! These effective, easy energy practices activate your own innate healing wisdom and are available 24/7!

Experience how to …

• Protect your energy and maintain vitality while helping others
• Strengthen the immune system – such a vital key to your health
• Soothe anxiety, make right/left brain connection and release negative thinking!

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