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This is our updated menu as of April 3rd, 2024.
For any questions about this change please see our FAQ.

  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Choose from our selection of premium essential oils to enhance your massage experience, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation of both body and mind.
    50 minutes: $60
    80 minutes: $80
    100 minutes: $120

  • Himalayan Salt Stones
    Experience the healing properties of Himalayan salt as warm stones are used to gently massage away tension, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and your muscles deeply relaxed.
    50 minutes: $90
    80 minutes: $120

  • Deep Pressure Massage
    Designed for those seeking intense relief, this massage utilizes firm pressure techniques to target deep-seated tension and promote relaxation throughout the body.
    50 minutes: $75
    80 minutes: $95

  • Full Body Cupping
    Enhance circulation and aid in pain relief with this ancient therapy as specialized cups glide across the skin to create a gentle suction, promoting overall well-being.
    50 minutes: $80
    80 minutes: $100

  • Focused Cupping
    Target specific areas of tension with focused cupping therapy, ideal for addressing localized discomfort and promoting deep muscle relaxation.
    30 minutes: $40

  • Maternity Massage
    Tailored specifically for expectant mothers, this gentle massage provides comfort and relief during pregnancy, focusing on areas of tension providing a caring and relaxing experience.
    50 minutes: $60

  • Reflexology
    Rebalance the body through the manipulation of pressure points on the feet, promoting relaxation and improved energy flow throughout the entire body.
    50 minutes: $60

  • Energy Session
    Restore balance and vitality with a personalized energy session, combining gentle touch and intention to release blockages and embrace wellness.
    30 minutes: $60

Enhancements +$15

  • Cupping

  • Hot Stones

  • Cold Stones

  • Scalp

  • Yoga Balm

  • Reflexology

  • Energy

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