CEU Classes

CEU Classes

Continuing Education

Learn Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Cupping for the Face, Neck and Décolleté

October 24, 2021
9am to 5pm

Admission $240
includes a set of professional facial cups, rosehip serum and gua sha tool (value $110)

MLD techniques are one of the best kept secrets in the spa world. Many in our profession are unaware of its powerful benefits:

Anti-Aging Acute or chronic inflammation Pre/post op cosmetic procedures Relaxation

Facial cupping has been trending all over social media and it’s easy to see why!

Improves blood and lymph circulation Deep cleansing Improved skin tone and texture Reduced fine lines and wrinkles Boost collagen production Softens acne scarring Improved skin moisture and hydration

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Prenatal I – 7 CEU

This course is based on current industry standards and basic techniques for providing a safe prenatal massage for expectant mother’s who are having a healthy, low risk pregnancy. During this course, the student will be instructed on the proper screening questions for precautions and contraindications, along with an understanding for the physical changes occurring during the 9 month gestational period. In addition, the student will demonstrate an increased confidence through hands-on practice with techniques on how to assist a mother with various aliments pertaining to these physiological changes. The class in a combination of lecture, note taking, role playing and hands on practice.

Chair Massage – 6 CEU

Chair massage is an important part in the marketing process of a massage therapy career. During this course students will learn techniques, sanitation, proper body mechanics, along with strategies in marketing to further enhance their massage career. The student will also demonstrate an understanding for cautions and contraindications pertaining to a seated chair massage.

Neuromuscular Therapy – 18 CEU

Muscular imbalances creates postural distortions. Learn how to analyze posture and determine which muscles are responsible for causing a client’s inefficient postural pattern.

Emphasis is placed on isolating individual muscles that attach to the pelvis. Locating and releasing trigger points is covered along with common referral patterns.

Prerequisite- Massage Certificate

Sports Massage – 18 CEU

Working with athletes and clients who engage in recreational fitness activities requires more extensive knowledge of the human body. These techniques used vary from that of a Swedish massage.

Pre-event, post-event and maintenance sports massage are covered. Learn how to determine which techniques best address an athlete’s condition. Specific athletic injuries and treatment are discussed.

The different applications between heat and ice therapy are explained.

Prerequisite- Massage Certificate

MBLEX Study Group

This study group is designed to help any person who has graduated from a massage program looking to take the MBLEX exam in order to acquire their state license. All are required to take the Introduction/Ethics class first before taking any other class in the study group. This class will be an introduction to how the classes are designed, studying tips, how to apply for the exam, what to expect the day of the exam and Ethics. The MBLEX exam was designed to make sure all therapist entering the field of massage are properly trained, there for, the exam weighs heavily on Ethics. After taking the Introduction class, you may choose individual classes in subjects that will help you in preparing for the exam.

Introduction/Ethics- required

Massage Concepts


Aromatherapy relates to both benefits and therapeutic properties of pure essential oils. Learn methods of obtainment, selecting, storing and blending of essential oils. Application, benefits and uses will be discussed in detail.


Level I – 6 CEU

Reiki means- Universal Life Force. Reiki is an invitation to a new way of life, tapping into a larger system of universal energy that already flows within us and outside our bodies. The use of Reiki becomes a way of life that enhances spiritual practice, provides stress reduction, helps improve stagnant energy and balances emotions. At this level you will learn the basic hand positions and sequence to perform a Reiki session on yourself and others. At the end of the Reiki level I training you will be aligned with Reiki through the attunement process. This process will enhance awareness, intention and consciousness of the universal energy and spiritual wisdom.

Level II – 6 CEU

Reiki level II opens the door to a higher frequency of Reiki energy with the use of symbols and mantras. These symbols are the key to a higher level of awareness that will further enhance your abilities as a Reiki practitioner. This level is defined by the focus of practicing Reiki on others. During this level you will also learn the importance of Chakra’s within the body and demonstrate the ability to balance these energy centers. At the end of Reiki level II you will be aligned with the sacred symbols through the level II attunement process.

Prerequisite- Level I


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