Meditate & Create: New Beginnings Bracelet Workshop with Josie

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Meditate & Create: New Beginnings Bracelet Workshop with Josie
Workshop Organizer: Josie Domanchich
7:00pm to 8:30pm

✨Join us for a transformative journey in our Meditate & Create: New Beginnings Bracelet Workshop. This empowering event is a fusion of mindfulness, creativity, and intention-setting, designed to guide you towards embracing new beginnings with clarity and purpose.

✨Led by the serene guidance of Josie, the evening unfolds in three enchanting parts. Begin your experience with a soul-nourishing guided meditation, allowing yourself to center and connect with your innermost intentions for new beginnings. Following the meditation, immerse yourself in a candle lighting ritual, symbolizing the illumination of your path towards growth and renewal.

✨Then, channel your intentions into tangible form as you craft a gemstone bracelet, each bead representing a facet of your aspirations and dreams for the future. Whether it’s a fresh start, a new goal, or a profound transformation you seek, this workshop provides a sacred space for you to infuse your creations with intention and meaning. You will be invited to select the beads you’re called to from our “bead buffet” – an extensive selection of semi-precious stones, wood, glass, and metal beads, along with charms and other embellishments. Hundreds to choose from! We will be stringing the beads on very durable stretchy cord. All wrist sizes will be accommodated. (Retail value of this bracelet is $28-32)

✨Finally, in a closing blessing, you’ll infuse your bracelet with your intentions, sealing it with love and positivity. Join us for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and creative expression as we embrace the limitless possibilities of new beginnings.

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