Better Health PT office, at 11685 Unit D Bustleton Ave in Phila , PA, 19116.

The hours are Mon 9;30-4-4:30pm, Tuesday 9:30-3pm, ed 9;30-3 pm, Thursday 9:30-3 pm and Friday 9:30-4-4:30 pm.

The salary is $25 per hour, one-week paid vacation, some national paid holidays, paid 30-minute lunch break. Good, clean and professional environment.

The massage duration is 15 min per client. We are looking for a Female massage therapist who is PA licensed and has at least 2 years work experience.

If interested please call 215-607-7400, or cell 267-231-2395 or email at

We are also on Google under Better Health PT, if you need more info on our facility.