Level 2 Reiki

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Level 2 Reiki Certification
Instructor: Melissa Romero, Reiki Master Teacher
12:00pm – 5:00pm

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to help others or have this innate feeling that you are a healer, THIS IS YOUR CALLING!

In this certification course we will cover:

  • Review Level 1 Reiki
  • Three Reiki symbols and how to use them
  • How to send Reiki to the Past, Present and Future
  • Scanning and Beaming
  • How to use Reiki for specific issues
  • Level II Manual
  • Level II Attunement
  • Reiki Practitioner Certificate

There will be hands on practice time. Level 2 Reiki is designed for the mental/emotional side of our being.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1

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